Highland National Leasing (HNL) leases all types of trucks from every manufacturer. Typically our customers find or source their own truck or piece of equipment and we buy and pay for it on their behalf and provide lease funding for this investment. .   In most cases the customer makes the best deal that they can with the supplier and then let’s HNL handle the actual purchase and payment with the supplier.   However, HNL can also source the product if you wish as we have established many supplier relationships through our many transactions over the years

One of the most challenging aspects of what we do as a leasing company is illustrating to our valued customers and visitors that we really have no limits on what we lease. We are a unique leasing company with the ability to “Lease Without Limits” anything.  From tractors and trailers to large construction cranes worth over a million dollars. If you want to lease it, we can handle all your needs.

Let us help you find the best new or used commercial equipment and trucks for lease. We have access to a comprehensive online listing of new and used commercial vehicles and equipment for lease across Canada